Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

Scalp Micropigmentation-Latest Treatment For Hair Loss, Receding Hairline, Baldness, And Alopecia.

  • Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), or medical hairline tattoo, is a highly effective non-surgical solution for treating male and female scalp conditions.

    Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

  • This advanced procedure applies natural pigmentation to the epidermal layer of the scalp to simulate the look of natural hair, and can be used in different ways to create whatever sort of look is desired.

    Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

  • Hair thinning and premature balding in men and women is a very common issue, and can cause sufferers distress and loss of confidence, with few user-friendly and effective treatments available to counter the effects.
  • Scalp micropigmentation can reinstate this self-esteem and create the look of a full head of hair from even a completely bald head.

    Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

Hailed as the world’s most effective treatment of its kind, scalp micropigmentation uses only natural pigments, and application is mild and safe, with all practitioners fully qualified to Diploma level in the administration of permanent cosmetic and scalp micropigmentation treatments.

Treatments are entirely individual, with practitioners taking care to study and replicate the natural patterns of your hairline, as well as using combinations of pigment to give the most authentic colouring possible.

The accumulation of scalp micropigmentation typically takes a few 3-4 hour sessions, with at least a week’s rest in between treatments.

Who Are The Candidates For Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is recommended for men and women over the age of 18 who suffer from:

Crown Balding

Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

One of the most widespread degenerative hair issues around is crown balding, which often has an adverse ageing effect on sufferers and damages self-confidence. Scalp micropigmentation gives a refreshed and completely natural look that can be topped up over time should further balding warrant it.

Receding Hairline

Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

While crown balding is a very common annoyance, the age-old inhibition over a receding hairline is just as prevalent among men. Regardless of shape or pattern, scalp micropigmentation can fill out any problem area to give the appearance of a full and consistent hairline.

Complete Or Near Bald

Those suffering from complete hair loss often feel out of options, but scalp micropigmentation can restore hairlines even on completely bald heads. Partial or complete scalp micropigmentation gives the look of a full, healthy buzz-cut head of hair.

Alopecia In Men

The effects of alopecia vary dramatically from person to person, but the very personalised service that forms a core part of scalp micropigmentation can ensure that any circumstances are catered to, to achieve the most natural and desirable finished look.

Alopecia In Women

Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

Around 5% of women are alopecia sufferers, and we are able to provide the exact same treatments for women, regardless of hair length, and reverse the visual effects of undesirable hair loss.

Diffuse Hairloss

Scalp Micropigmentation In Gurgaon

Diffuse hair loss can be the product of many causes, from emotional stress to hormonal imbalance and deficiency of nutrients, and affects both men and women of all ages. Scalp micropigmentation can effectively counteract the appearance of diffuse hair loss.

Removals are relatively simple and painless, usually requiring only one or two sessions for complete restoration to a natural hairline.

Scalp Micropigmentation Advantages

One of the many advantages of scalp micropigmentation is how widely usable it is. Hair thinning and balding, despite often being associated with older people and mostly men, affects all sorts of people, so it is to be expected that a wide range of sufferers want an effective solution to their problem.

Safe Procedure

Because of its specialised method and natural pigments, scalp micropigmentation is safe, recognised by trichologists as a viable and gentle solution to hair loss. So even particularly young sufferers of hair loss can have the treatment (parental consent may be required), as can older people.

All Skin Colours

Unlike many other non-surgical hair treatments, skin and hair colour has no adverse affect on results or sensation. White, Afro-Caribbean, Latino, Asian and mixed-race skin are all perfectly suited to scalp micropigmentation treatments, as are all hair colours, regardless of how light or dark.

Men & Women

Although scalp micropigmentation of the scalp is mostly used by men with relatively short hair, the versatility of the treatment means that any hair length can be worked with, and all solutions are available for females experiencing hair loss.


How many treatments should I expect?

Scalp micropigmentation should never be considered a one treatment process. Most clients can expect between 2-4 sessions to complete their treatment depending on the extent of hair loss or scarring. These treatments are usually spaced about 10-20 days apart.

How long does scalp micropigmentation take?

The Scalp Micropigmentation treatment typically takes 2-4 hours per session depending on your degree of hair loss.

How long do the results last?

After completion of your treatment (2-4 sessions) a client should expect the strength of the color to last for many years. Over a longer term, a client will very gradually begin to notice slight lightening (not discolor) of the treatment. When this occurs they can undergo a brief “touch up” session to restore any fading and secure many more years of their style.

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