Moles & Warts Removal

Moles can be annoying for many. Some people want to get them removed for cosmetic reasons and others are worried if they are growing fast they might change to a cancerous growth. Warts also are cosmetically unpleasant. In C&S clinic we remove moles and warts in single sitting, with a simple procedure which is short, painless, does not involve any bleeding, stitches or marks later on. This procedure takes only around ten minutes to remove any mole or wart. Just an ointment is prescribed to be applied at the area of mole removal for 7 days. It only takes around 7-10 days for the raw area after the mole removal to heal leaving no scar at all.



Dr. Chetna Singh
Dr. Chetna Singh

Founder and Director of C&S Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic. Read More »»

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