Jaw Line

Creating A Perfect Jawline

A well defined and sharp jawline gives a very attractive look to any person as it gives a proper shape to the face and also seperates face from the neck. A strong jawline gives a strong personality to a person.

Wheras a weak jawline sends out a message that the person has a weak personality and is quite unattractive.

First we will talk about the causes of how a person can get an ill-defined jawline, then we will talk about the solutions. There are many causes for having an ill-defined jawline:-

  • Due to an underlying bony deformity. Sometimes the mandible(lower jaw) of a person is retruded(small) as compared to the maxilla(upper jaw) which gives a very ill-defined jaw and jawline.
  • When we age the face skin(cheek skin) sags and collects at the edge of lower jaw creating jowls and making the jawline ill-defined.
  • Again as we age the chin skin starts sagging and fat starts accumulating below the chin giving a double chin and ill defining the jawline.

Now lets see the solutions :-

  • In case of bony deformity that is retruded mandible or retruded chin we have to go for surgery, named Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy(BSSO) which advances the mandible or Genioplasty which advances the chin, to give a prominent lower jaw.
  • In case of sagging of face we can opt for face lift either surgical or with threads to lift and remove the skin from lower jaw, remove the jowls and give a nice well defined jawline.
  • In case of double chin we can go for double chin correction with fat dissolving injections(Kybella) injections.
  • We can also create a jawline with help of dermal fillers.

All the above mentioned methods are available at C&S clinic. Since every patient is different with different cause and thus different solution we assess each patient carefully and then plan the best procedure suited for him/her to give the best results.

Dr. Chetna Singh
Dr. Chetna Singh

Founder and Director of C&S Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic. Read More »»

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