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Why Do People Like High Cheek Bones ?

  • You have certainly heard of the term ‘high cheekbones’ but what does that really mean?
  • Someone who has high cheekbones has the widest part of their face just below their eyes. This causes the cheek to dip in slightly below the bone, thus making the cheekbone stand out prominently.
  • The dip might cause a shadow, which can accentuate the face even more.
  • High cheekbones are right under the eye and the upper part of the nose.
  • Low cheekbones, on the other hand, are toward the bottom part of the nose. For some, they might even be below the nose.
  • High cheekbones are definitely seen by the society as beautiful.
  • High cheekbones tend to create a very symmetrical face, which science has proven to be noticed more often and create much more appeal.
  • High cheekbones are one of the things that make Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie one of the most attractive women in the world.
  • Her bones are prominent right underneath her eyes, which give her a sexy, attractive look that turns heads

How We Develop Low Cheek Bones And Sagging Face As We Age ?

  • Full, defined cheeks are a sign of youth and beauty.
  • But as we age we develop sagging face, sunken in look and squarish face.
  • There are multiple factors involved in this:-

External Factors:-

  1. Sun Damage
  2. Nicotine use

Internal Factors:-

  1. Loss of Fat (volume of the soft tissues)
  2. Loss of bones ( volume of the hard tissues)

We will talk about the internal factors

Loss of fat( loss of soft tissue) : When we’re young, fat in the face is evenly distributed, with some pockets here and there that plump up the forehead, temples, cheeks, and areas around the eyes and mouth. With age, that fat loses volume, clumps up, and shifts downward, so features that were formerly round may sink, and skin that was smooth and tight gets loose and sags.

Loss of Bone(loss of hard tissue) : So do the facial bones, which lose volume and recede, making you look even older. The bone loss can contribute to that drooping, deflated look. The bone loss helps explain why getting a simple facelift, or skin tightening, won’t ever make you look like your 20-year-old self.

How To Create High Cheek Bones And Get That Youthful Attractive Look Back ?

Although some are born with naturally high cheekbones, anyone can achieve the look of sculpted cheeks through both nonsurgical and surgical treatments that focus on restoring plumpness, volume and definition making you more attractive.

There are three ways to get the attractive look of higher cheekbones and in C&S clinic Dr. Chetna Singh performs all the three procedures keeping in mind patient’s requirement and preference.

  1. Fat grafting
  2. Facial implants
  3. Fillers

Fat Grafting And Transfer : In this we Use your own fat (taken from another part of the body, like the hips or butt), to give you fuller, plumper cheeks. Fat transfer is probably the most popular option at the moment for long-term cheek fullness, but using your own fat requires an additional liposuction-like procedure to be performed. One of the main benefits of fat transfer is that your own body fat is used, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

Cheek Implants : Cheek implants are another option for restoring youthfulness more permanently. Cheek implants are a permanent solution to cheeks that have gone flat with age or are hollowed.

Its a surgical procedure : The implants are made from a variety of synthetic materials that range from fairly rigid to flexible.

Cheek implants come in various shapes and sizes, and most can be custom shaped to a particular facial structure.

Different types of cheek implants are available:

  • silicone implants
  • medpore implants(made of hydroxyapatite)
  • goretex implants(hydroxyapatite)

Fillers And Injectables

It’s a non surgical procedure : To restore volume lost with age or to provide the definition, your plastic surgeon can inject fillers along the cheekbone. By using a combination of injectable fillers, your doctor can instantly lift your cheeks and restore lost volume. Types of fillers. The result lasts on average from six months to two years.

Who Should Go For Cheek Augmentation ?

If you have one or more of the following conditions, you’d be a good candidate for cheek augmentation:

  • Flat, deflated-looking cheeks
  • Cheeks that lack definition
  • Hollows in the cheeks or temples
  • Under-eye bags or lines and wrinkles on the cheeks

What to expect

Fat Grafting

  • It is usually performed under sedation or general anesthesia, your doctor will inject fat taken from another part of the body (like your hips or butt) directly into the cheeks.
  • You can expect some swelling for about 10 days after the procedure, and generally, 30 to 50 percent of the fat lasts permanently for a positive change in shape and added volume.


Cheek implants surgery may be performed in an office surgical suite, outpatient surgery center, or hospital. Time in surgery is about 30 minutes to one hour. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia (awake, but sedated) or general anesthesia (asleep). Typically, you can return home the same day, though sometimes an overnight stay at the hospital is needed.

During cheek implant surgery, an incision will be made inside the mouth on either side of the upper lip. The surgeon will create a pocket for the implant to fit into, and then insert the implant through the

incision. A bandage may be applied to reduce swelling and discomfort.

In addition to improving the face aesthetically, implants also slow down the effects of how bone ages. If you have strong cheekbones, you may age at a much slower rate than someone who has weaker bones. Implants can start making this positive impact as early as one’s 20s or 30s.The Procedure.


You may have zero to 10 days of recovery time, depending on the filler. You may also experience temporary bruising and swelling. The result, which lasts on average from six months to a year, is contoured cheeks, giving way to a more youthful appearance.

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