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C&S Means Carve & Sculpt

We carve your face & sculpt your body and bring out the beautiful you hidden inside like a gemcutter carves a diamond from the mines and make it shine and desired by millions.

Like a Sculpture sculpts a marble with his expert hands to make a breathtaking idol.

We believe that every individual is beautiful and that inner beauty needs to be brought out by expert hands and here at carve and sculpt we provide those experts and caring hands.We give the complete satisfaction of cosmetic surgical services to all our patients. Every effort is made to ensure that our patients are comfortable with their decision for cosmetic surgery at C&S clinic and are pleased with the results. Patients after treatment gain their self-confidence back, look and feel better.

Dr. Chetna Singh
Dr. Chetna Singh

Founder and Director of C&S Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic. Read More »»

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