November 30, 2023 By Dr Chetna Singh

Some Surprising Uses Of Botox

Some Surprising Uses Of Botox

We all know that botox is used as an anti-wrinkle injection that is, it removes wrinkles from certain parts of face like forehead, corners of eyes, nose etc.

But few people know about some surprising and very useful uses of botox injection.

Here is the list of few of them

Botox can be used for lifting droopy eyebrows : As botox relaxes the muscles around the eyebrows which pull the eyebrows down, the eyebrows lift upwards making the eyes look bigger and giving a younger look.

Botox can be used to make broad nose slimmer : As botox relaxes and paralyses the muscle on the nose which makes the nose flare when we smile or laugh. So botox actually can make a broad nose look slimmer.

Botox can treat gummy smile : As botox can relax the muscles in upper lip, it relaxes and covers the gums when we smile and treats the gummy smile.

Botox can make the upper lip bigger :  If you have a thin upper lip and want upper lip to look bigger, you can go for lip flip with botox.

Botox can slim the face : Some people have over developed muscle at the corner of the face which is called masseter hypertrophy due to various reasons. They have a broad face. When botox is injected in this muscle the muscle size is reduced slowly and the person’s face start becoming slimmer.

Botox can reduce underarm sweating : Some people suffer from excessive sweating from underarms and thus a bad odour. Botox when injected in the underarms area deactivates the sweat glands and thus reduces the sweating in the underarms area. Same technique can be used in excessive sweating from palms.

And the best part in all the treatments is that they are non-invasive, painless and hardly take any time. So all these procedures are lunch time procedures with no downtime.