October 3, 2023 By Dr Chetna Singh

Laser Hair Removal In Gurgaon

Laser Hair Removal In Gurgaon

Laser hair removal is a procedure to remove unwanted hair from the body permanently.

In this procedure a laser machine is used which emits focused laser beams to the hair bearing skin. The hair follicles(roots) absorb this laser energy, then this light energy is converted into heat energy and destroys the hair roots.

Laser does not cause any damage to the skin as the laser energy only gets absorbed by the black colour of hair follicles or roots.

It works for both men and women and it works in all parts of the body like beard, face hair, chin hair, bikini hair, underarms etc.

Around 6-8 sittings are required for complete removal of hair from a particular region.

And further 2-3 maintenance sittings might be required for hair which were not in active growth cycle during the treatment.

The results of the treatment are permanent until and unless there are some incidents where there are huge hormonal shifts especially in women like pregnancy and menopause. In these cases, there might be chances of hair regrowth.

These days there are increasing incidence of hormonal imbalance in ladies like hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarion syndrome(PCOS) which leads to increase in facial and body hair which can be very embarrassing for ladies and also cause psychological impact.

Laser hair removal is a rescue in such cases.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

  • No need for monthly waxing.Onetime payment of laser hair removal might pinch you but in long run you get rid of monthly trips to salon for waxing, threading etc.
  • More confidence as you will have a hair free face and body all the time and not have to rush to parlours for a special event.
  • Specially the private parts like bikini and underarms are cleaned and smooth all the time and gives a lot of confidence and is also very hygienic.
  • Face hair can be very annoying and getting rid of them gives physical and mental relief.
  • Men can benefit with laser hair removal and getting that clean look.
  • There is no damage to the skin, in fact the skin becomes more glowing and there is reduction in pigmentation specially in private areas.

What To Expect During A Laser Session

First the hair on the area for example arms will be shaved with a razor.

Then a cooling gel is applied on the skin which is similar to a gel applied before an ultrasound is done.

This gel protects the skin from any heat and also smooth moving of machine probe on the skin.

Protective eyewear’s are placed on the eyes of the client so the eyes are protected from laser beams.

Then laser shots are placed on the skin while moving the laser probe on the skin.

It’s a painless procedure, you will feel mild tingling or warm kind of sensation.

The duration of the session depends on the area treated and may vary from 15 minutes to one hour.

There is a gap of 4-6 weeks between two sessions of laser depending on the hair growth rate of the hair in that particular area.