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Dr. Chetna Singh - Cosmetic Surgeon in Gurgaon Dr. Chetna Singh

Dr. Chetna Singh is a well-known Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgeon based in New Delhi, India. She is extensively trained in Maxillofacial Surgery. She is further trained in cleft lip, cleft palate, Rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures from a renowned plastic surgery Institute in Hyderabad (Center of cleft lip and palate and plastic surgery affiliated with smile train based in Switzerland)

She is also trained in Head and Neck Cancer surgeries and reconstruction surgeries from Regional Cancer Center. Read More »»

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I write this blog because I like to share various latest cosmetic surgery procedures with people and to make them understand the details and science behind all the cosmetic surgery procedures and the products used.

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Some Surprising Uses Of Botox
Some Surprising Uses Of Botox

We all know that botox is used as an anti-wrinkle injection that is, it removes wrinkles from certain parts of face like forehead, corners of eyes, nose etc. But few people know about some surprising and very useful uses of botox injection.

Laser Hair Removal In Gurgaon
Laser Hair Removal In Gurgaon

Laser hair removal is a procedure to remove unwanted hair from the body permanently. In this procedure a laser machine is used which emits focused laser beams to the hair bearing skin. The hair follicles(roots) absorb this laser energy, then this light energy is converted into heat energy and destroys the hair roots.